Intoxication & Trauma

Throughout my work there is a reoccurring theme of the "self" fading away and returning to a blissful state of interconnection. I incorporate temporary materials into my paintings such as charcoal or instagram stories to highlight the transient nature of strife, mortality and impermanence. I take materials of temporary nature and bring them to a state of immutability. This concept becomes a focus in much of my work. Blurring lines of personal separation, while emphasizing spiritual evolution by delving into the caverns of the psyche, seeking permanence and light.


Le Soi: french, The higher self
"What is i if not the soul of what feels..."

A collection of instagram stories, which are intended to only last for a 24 hour period, made permanent by being printed out using archival pigment ink and painted onto, forming a fading universal portrait of the "self."

All pieces in the series are 44x60 inches, Oil and Acrylic on Printed Canvas.

Grief & Bliss

Grief & Bliss, 2017

Fade Into Elation

Fade Into Elation, 2017

Seven Flowers For Seven Strides

Seven Flowers For Seven Strides, 2017

If Being Free Is Not Within The Walls of Ecstasy

If Being Free Is Not Within The Walls of Ecstasy, 2017

Transcending Beyond The Tapestry

Transcending Beyond The Tapestry, 2017

Devon Farber

Devon Farber is a painter born in New York into a family of artists. He currently lives and works in New York. He attended the School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. His work has been shown internationally and in the US.